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Today in the Studio...

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Today was a "play day".

It was not intentional, but I scrolled Instagram (oh, yes I did). That's when I came upon a friend's post of some amazing water lilies she took at Gibbs Garden in north Georgia. Well, that's the instant inspiration I needed, so my next few hours were filled with painting three of her lovely photos.

Below is a gallery of 'in process' photos painted on 4x6 inch yupo.

Above are three of Ginny's beautiful photos she took while visiting Gibbs Gardens. I want to give her photo credits, so you can see more of her beautiful photos on instagram. Give her a follow.

I have a few more tweeks to make but I'm happy with them so far. You may see some prints coming because that's my new adventure right now.

I'll post the final pictures in a later post.



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