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The Spring Collection

Only five (5) originals left 

Creating my first Spring collection has been inspiring and magical in the studio! My inspiration came after taking an abstract painting class and soon afterward enrolled in a creative marketing workshop.  I started painting some acrylic abstracts on paper, then it quickly evolved into this collection.  You see, where I live, in Georgia, we experienced a lot of rain and cloudy days this winter, so the idea of painting with bright colors arose and soon my studio walls were filled with all these brightly colored flowers that I wanted to share with everyone.


Then... the United States starting dealing with a pandemic.  It continued to get worse and we found ourselves "social distancing" and "sheltering in place".  I'll be honest, I thought this was a horrible time to release a collection of art, but I kept painting and soon realized these colorful flowers really brightened my spirits.  I continued to share them on social media in hopes of lifting everyone else's spirits.

Each one of these paintings brought me so much J O Y and I hope to spread that joy and beauty to you.  

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