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Today in the Studio...

I've been staying very busy during these difficult COVID-19 times working from home and in my studio creating some new art for you.

I know I've been extremely inconsistent with my blogging and emails. But, by accepting this as a fault of mine, I'm working to change it. Let's see if I can keep this up.

Yesterday, I finished number four in my "Blue" series. Yes, number four. One through three are already complete.

This is NOT the very beginning. It's about stage 3 of the painting. The canvas has several layers of paint at this point. I created the texture from Liquitex Modeling Paste, because I love texture. I love how the reds peep through. At this point, I planned to paint a smaller version on "Evening Glow".

Next, I added some color that's starting to look like land and water.... ok, I'll go with it! At this point, I abandoned the idea of this looking like "Evening Glow" and started in another direction.

I really like this point of the painting and thought about stopping here.

...but no..... I didn't

I wanted to add some warm POP of color, so I added orange and yellow. When I left the studio, I called this one done.

Thanks for reading,


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